Only the Good Die Neil Young

The year is 197X, and the universe is under threat... a time-traveling shape-shifting, non-binary, and incredibly sexy threat to be precise.

Only one man.. Neil Young... can save us all.


Use the Q, W, E, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard to gather the power of the 6 scions to multiply the power of Neil until the 88 second ETA is up.

Share your high score with a screenshot on Twitter by tagging @CisHetKayFaber. Remember to use the #OctoJam hash tag!


  • Maximum power number of each scion increases along with the power of the other scions.
  • Try making a Super Scion...
  • While the power of all scions are necessary in order to help Neil... ultimately, they may not all be a force for good in the universe. Choose your scion power levels wisely.

Many Thanks:

  • My wife for putting up with me
  • Everyone in the OctoJam7 Discord that read the Octo manual for me
  • TomR for retweeting my #OctoJam updates during development
  • Goons in the NGU Idle Discord for being willing to play my very dumb game
  • 4G for making NGU Idle which inspired me to try to make this in the first place
Published 25 days ago

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